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Patan Durbar Square Tour  complex is perhaps the most photographed of the three durbar squares. Located in the heart of Patan city, this was once the palace of the kings of Patan. The square is a display of Newari architecture that had reached its pinnacle during the reign of Malla kings who were great builders and patrons of the arts. The palace has three main courtyards: the central and the oldest is Mul Chowk. To the west of the complex are a dozen free standing temples of various sizes and built in different styles. A masterpiece in stone, the Krishna Temple, Bhimsen Temple, the Golden Temple of Hiranya Varna Mahavira and Sundari Chowk mark the artistic brilliance of the Newar craftsmen of that era. The Sundari Chowk with the sunken bath of Tusha Hiti, showcases exquisite woodcarvings, stone, and metal sculpture. Like the other palaces, Patan Durbar Square also houses a temple dedicated to Taleju Bhawani.

Some important monuments to see in this area are:
The  Golden Gate and golden windows of the old palace
The famous Krishna Temple with 21 golden pinnacles.
The bath with many carvings in stone at Sundari Chowk.
The Taleju Temple.
The temple of Bhimsen with a magnificent golden balcony overlooking the square.
Char-Narayan temple, which is among the finest examples of woodcarvings.
Chyasi Dega
Manga Hiti

Full Day sightseeing around Patan

A guided Patan Durbar Square tour, its really beautiful place. Our tour guide will explains your questions on spot.

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